Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunset Optimistic about "Love Games"


It was the 22nd of October ....2008, the day for the first fundraiser of the "High Five Year".

The Board and its Members agreed to host the returning Play "Love Games".......Whoa! they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. With ten minutes to go before start time; President Philbert settled his financial obligations. Center stage staff with an almost full house was preparing to get started; lights dimmed and cast members; Camille Davis (Gina) and Glen Campbell (Rocky) were rearing to go.....the lights go up and Glen says two words and raucous laughter filled the room!

"Wait no stop.....mek mi ketch mi breth", whoa....mi caan stop laugh" ...."mi belly " the room is filled with comments like these. And so it goes on...for sometime......then its forty minutes and we break for half time. Nuff Saltfish and breadfruit....and Sunsetters get together to say hi and thank their supporters for attending the Play.

Time to go back in.....

Just like the first half the second starts with "nuff more jokes" Now inna di middle a laughing and enjoying the play" Mi si Camille start act stiff .....a wah do da character deh? Any how mi a gwaan watch! Mi seh....mi caan tell yuh wah happen "cause dem swear mi to secrecy" but all mi know seh is dat mi si a certain Club Member inna a pink suit inna di Isle ready fi run out a di playhouse!

Mi excitement!! All mi can seh is if yuh nuh si di play yet......gwane now! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and ask that you continue to do so as we strive to do our best to help our children.....