Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary Sunset Liguanea past and present.

Sunset Optimst Club of Liguanea had its formation meeting on this day March 25 1999, established by the OC of Kingston, the District's first club. Created mainly out of the PTA members of the St. Theresa's Preparatory school and orginally a member of the great Zone 1 of the Caribbean District.

When the Zones were re aligned and OC was placed in Zone 4 it created the opportunity for another Great Zone to be created, which from that movement gave the membership of Sunset the ability to no longer be the second brightest light in the Zone (1) but become the beam it is in Zone 4, and to date already producing 3 Lieutenant Governors and countless other accolades.

Kenneth M. Walker(Jnr)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sound, solid, big in First Quarter

President Patrick is very upbeat about the prospects of the Sunset Optimist Club of Liguanea given what he calls “the strength of the work done in the first quarter; thanks to the dedication, commitment and true optimistic spirit of my leaders and their teams”. In the first quarter report to the Board the president said that while the club needs to take stock of the shortcomings there was more to cheer about. Here is an edited version of his comments. Click Here for Full Report