Monday, August 9, 2010

HS Student Tori Pryce Accepts Award and shares Essay

The Internet: Today’s Evolution or Tomorrow’s Menace?
By Tori Pryce
The Queens High School
The Internet is a menace in disguise which has enthralled the lives of many with false promisesof convenience for a menial price and obfuscating its users with its shiny wrapper. Melodrama and pessimism aside, the fact remains that like all other impressive inventions, the glitz will soon fizzle and the real threat left looming over our heads. From an objective standpoint, the Internet is significant particularly in providing a sea of information in a matter of seconds. So, how can this technological breakthrough be a bad thing especially given the importance of communication to our world? Simple; like all other breakthroughs, including medical, there are side effects.....(Read more)