Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunset brings Santa to Spanish Town

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It doesn’t matter if you believe in Santa Clause or not, the effect he has on children is definitely real and as the old saying goes...its the thought that counts. Santa doesn't have to be real for his magic to work; the thought of something good happening is a wonderful thing. On Sunday December 14th 2008, Sunset Liguanea members, guests and Santa visited the Dare to Care Children's Home in Spanish Town to find that smiles and laughter was in abundance.

The "Dare to Care" Children’s home is a part of the Mustard Seed Outreach projects in Jamaica. Dare to Care is a particularly special home because they care for orphans infected with HIV/AIDS. Over the years, The Optimist Club of Sunset Liguanea has visited the home and many members have bonded with the children.

On Sunday the club members arrived just in time to see the children saying grace and a few members assisted the aunties with serving dinner. It was obvious the children could not contain their excitement and rushed to finish their meals to give us or take from us all attention. After a brief introduction by their caretaker for the evening, affectionately called Aunty, the club members immediately starting serving the treats brought for the kids.... ice cream and cake!!!

The children were quite respectful; they addressed each adult member of the club as Aunty or Uncle. They were not without the usual distractions you see in kids their age but they all did as they were told and even volunteered to stand in a line when asking for a second or third serving of ice cream. After singing a few Christmas Carols and ice cream for some club members, it was time for the guest of honour to make his entrance. President Philbert tried to convince them that Santa Clause (played this year by Optimist Lance) got stuck in traffic but the kids were not having it, the excitement was boiling over and most of them could not keep still.

So, without further delay, Santa Clause came strutting around the corner carrying his usual bag of goodies. His many “tall” elves that very closely resembled a few club members also accompanied him, but the kids hardly noticed. Not long after he sat down, the kids started singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells " and all their eyes were gleaming at the presents at his feet. One by One, they were called up to sit on his lap and receive their presents. As is tradition with the club's visits: the name and age of each child is given to a club member who volunteers to purchase that child a gift, allowing no one to feel left out. It was truly amazing to see their reactions as they immediately started opening their presents. Those brief moments of joy alone made it all worth it.

On behalf of the club, President Philbert presented the aunties with a few needed supplies such as detergent, treats such as batteries for the toys and fruitcakes. Approximately 22 club members and guests participated in the activities for the day and all agreed that efforts to bring joy into the lives of these children were successful.


  1. Wow, this is amazing great work Marc-Maurice!

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  3. Thank you, I think the club has been doing a great job with these activities as well.

  4. I am always wowed by your great job with the website Marc-Maurice, keep up the good work.